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In today’s digital era, everything is changing about the way we learn, work, communicate and live, how we understand the world and ourselves in it. Our network allows people to exploit the technologies of the future with new generation networks, thereby raising their standard of living and improving their business activities.

The tools and applications that people use on a daily basis to communicate with friends and family, the simultaneous connection of multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, game consoles, security systems, etc.), faster download/upload speeds, better quality streaming and so much more require, among other things, immediate and fast data transmission.

A fast and reliable internet connection using Wireless greatly improves the whole experience in terms of quality and productivity.

Why Choose Netlink

Installation with wireless router €150

No Contract

Free Transfer

No Deposit

Disconnect / Reconnect No Charge

Netlink Wireless & Fiber Optic Internet Provider - Fast & Reliable Wireless Internet For Paphos and the surrounding areas - isp 01

Equipment & Installation Costs

New customers to Netlink require equipment to be installed.

This includes the equipment detailed here and has a cost of €150 for the equipment and installation.


  • If you are not the property owner, then please ensure you have permission to install an antenna

Installed Equipment

Netlink will install the following equipment:

  • 1 Gbps Antenna on the roof of your property
  • All necessary Cabling from the antenna down to a room in your property 
  • 300 Mbps Wireless Router with 4 Ethernet Ports
All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

Free Installation with a contract

You are eligible for free installation when you sign up for a 24 month of contact. If not you will be required to pay a €70 one-time fee.

12 Month Price Guarantee

The price you pay when you opt-in for a contract is guaranteed for 12 months no matter what happens.


No Data Limits

The speed you pay for is the speed you get. Our network is reliable and we always give you the speed you arepayinng for.


Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want